Life Through a New Lens

14th July 2016


Admittedly, Destiny Project can be a mountaintop experience — knowledge absorbed, God’s truth revealed, powerful worship experienced and sisters gained for life.

Whether you leave with “a stone tablet,” complete with inscribed identity, values and mission, a “calling,” if you will OR a feeling that you made tremendous progress, but still have a lot to process, you leave with a game plan. Nothing, however, can truly prepare us for how the real world hits us square in the face, only minutes later.

Some women come wanting clarity on a big life change and leave with even harder work ahead.  They may need to give their two-week notice at work and head back to school.  Some may have to end a relationship, which is a real game changer.  Some will be packing up to move across the country or the world.  I have seen women come into Destiny Project and leave with not only a renewed sense of self, but also the courage to make sometimes multiple life-changing decisions.  Gaining the clarity from God and having the support of their Destiny Project sisters, they feel ready to pull the trigger on their new life, with no looking back.

I love these stories; these are the stories that fill the website with awesome testimonies and keep new women streaming into the retreats.

The truth is, most of us go back to our lives with the same career, same husbands, in the same city, but we are not the same; we have been transformed.   We know our identity, values and mission.  We’ve been all “geeked” out to explore the creation and beauty that God instilled in us.  We’ve gained a clarity, with lots of the blurriness and dirt wiped away.  We have a new lens, in which to view our lives.  Every opportunity, every decision, every interaction can be viewed through this new lens. For me, this lens is my identity.

Will I choose to let my identity dictate who I am?  Heck yes!  Because I know my identity, I can no longer live a muddled or confused life.  There’s just no point.  Does that mean it’s easy?  Heck no, but answers are MUCH more clear.

Does the “warm, bold, welcoming fire-pit” want to be in charge of the accounting for the PTA?  Um…no way! Put me in charge of the happy hours.

Does the “warm, bold, welcoming fire-pit” want to go on a road trip with my college girlfriends?  Yes…and I’ll bring the Diet Coke and Chee-tos.

Does the “warm, bold, welcoming fire-pit” talk to a random stranger in the park?  All the time…and I friend her on Facebook, invite her to join me as I traverse the county to my favorite ice cream stand, talk the rest of the afternoon about loving our crazy children, hating Pinterest and dreaming of RV traveling. Yes, yes, yes and yes!

I thank God regularly for giving me the gift of my Destiny Project experience, and more importantly, the new lens of my identity, making life more clearly alive than ever.  I want to encourage you to take a step closer to living your life, fully alive in YOUR identity.

Blog post by Danielle Williams, one of our amazing Destiny Project facilitators, who is also a Life Coach for Moms.  Check out Danielle’s Facebook page right here.

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