What Makes your Heart Come Alive?
Who are you, really?
What’s your Purpose and how do you Live it out with Divine Confidence and Joy?

The Destiny Project is an exploration of who you are at the core, what really makes you come alive, and what big gift lives inside of you that – if unleashed – will inspire the world around you to come alive as well.

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The Destiny Project helped me unravel this season in my life, speaking to my heart in a way I haven’t experienced before and digging below the surface to unearth true identity, purpose and mission. It was like being able to take a deep breath ~ finally!


The Destiny Project changed my life. I came hoping it would be worth the investment. My expectations and hopes were far exceeded. Discovering a new depth of relationship with the lover of my soul, finding the identity He gave me personally long ago, and going forward with a tangible life mission ~ Priceless!