About the Destiny Project

Most of us don’t have time to dream anymore. We gave up on that about the time reality set in. But what if your dreams and desires weren’t just an escape or a guilty pleasure? What if they’re actually a map to who God made you to be and directions to what He intended you to do?

The Destiny Project is an exploration of who you are at the core, what really makes you come alive, and what big gift lives inside of you that – if unleashed – will inspire the world around you to come alive as well.

The Destiny Project is a Christ-Centered, Spirit-led Coaching Course designed for your own unique personal discovery process with God. It’s a guided journey with God through your own heart and a transformational experience toward discovering your unique identity and designing your life around your deepest, naturally intended purpose.

Are you ready to awaken to the fuller life that awaits you? Join us in the adventure of embracing who you are designed to be!

What can I expect at the Destiny Project?

  • Awaken your heart’s capacity to dream and reconnect with what brings you to life.
  • Discover your unique
  • Identity Statement that captures the core of who you really are.
  • Map out your God-inspired dreams and desires.
  • Identify your Life Mission: the impact that naturally occurs when you live in the fullness of who you are and motivates everything you do.
    Transform your dreams into specific, clearly defined next steps to move from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Uncover your “Shadow Self” (your inner saboteur) and learn how to keep it from undermining the bigger life God has called you to.
  • Develop accountable friendships with women just like you – who are ready to step into the deeper life God has for them.
  • Deepen your relationship with Christ as you partner with Him in the process.

The primary tool used to launch into the Destiny Project process is the Dream Map, which is simply a collection of words and images that you’re instinctively drawn to. You’ll assemble it prior to the start of the course (instructions will be provided), but we’ll dive into the discovery around it together. The Dream Map allows you to bypass your head, stop overthinking things, and notice what your heart wants you to see.

The high level flow for the course is as follows: Dreams. Values. Identity. Mission. Each exercise builds on itself to reveal the next piece and it all flows through the central relationship of intimacy with Christ, providing a unique and personal discovery for each participant.

Available Formats:

  • An 8 week teleconference (webinar) course
  • An in-person course (8 week or 4 week options) Locations vary.
  • An intensive, 4 day weekend retreat format. Although the Destiny Project Intensive is held as a retreat format – meaning you get away for a full, 4-day weekend in a sleep-over environment with other women – it’s a deep dive into discovery and not a “retreat.”  The environment is carefully crafted to be one of safety, encouragement, affirmation and fun to support your discovery process. The retreats begin with dinner at 6pm on day one and end at noon on day four. Although the schedule includes evening sessions, there is free time provided between 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

The Destiny Project is a powerful developmental opportunity and an invaluable  investment in yourself! In the words of one of our past participants:

“If you’re in doubt – GO! It will be life transforming!”   ~ Keri

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Questions?  email us at: info.destinyproject@gmail.com